Diversity, Equity, and Social Justice

Diversity, Equity, and Social Justice

Assignment: Diversity, Equity, and Social Justice—Learning From Each Other

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When you watched the video transcript “Diversity and Equity Work: Lessons Learned” this week, you encountered three familiar faces: The early childhood professionals who you first met in the panel discussion in Week 2 came together once more to share what they call “lessons learned” (i.e., insights gained from working for diversity, equity, and social justice). They discussed relevant personal characteristics, considered assets in their diversity work, and reflected on their professional passion.

After, focus on the three key themes of this conversation:

The “lessons” each of the three early childhood professionals and visionaries learned from their deeply engaged scholarly and practical commitment to diversity, equity and social justice

The personal characteristics/dispositions each believe to be exceptionally significant and supportive of their diversity work

The role of passion in their work

Consider your responses to the following questions:

What are the three most significant “lessons” that I have learned from studying issues related to diversity, equity, and social justice in this course—and what makes them significant?

Which of my personal characteristics/dispositions do I consider to be my most valuable asset for my work with children and families from varied backgrounds—and for what reason(s)?

Thinking about the statement, made by one of the panelists, “the passion comes from the vision”: What is your interpretation of this statement, and in what way(s), if any, can you relate to the connection implied between professional passion and a vision regarding diversity?

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