E-commerceis electronic commerce or ecommerce is a term for any type of business, or commercial transaction, and I would like to do my paper about E-commerce also how E-commerce leads the marketing industry nowadays, since E-commerce is related to virtual word, disadvantages and advantages and the security transaction in E-commerce, and advertisement.”

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You are given the option to work on any topic related to the theme of the course. Your project can either be an implemented project, purely research based, or a combination of both. All topics must be approved via the project proposal.

Individual Research based projects must be at least 12-15 pages in length and conform to APA citation style. Any implementation / coding that is part of your project, may reduce the amount of writing (which also needs to be approved). Title pages, images, graphics, bulleted lists, references, code samples, and large citations do not count toward page length. All projects will be run through plagiarism detection software. Your project needs to be supported for scholarly sources and written at a high level. ”




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Introduction and E-commerce Basics
E-commerce or electronic commerce is the word used to describe any form of commercial transaction, which involves information transfer through the internet. It basically involves buying and selling of items through the internet. E-commerce is a large business segment or model that allows firms and individuals to transact business through an electronic network, usually the internet. E-commerce covers all major business segments, including consumer-consumer, business-consumer, business-business, and consumer-business (Rayport et al., 2001). It can be perceived as an advanced kind of mail-reburying via a catalog.

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