Dow Chemical Develops Leaders by Sending them to Work in Unfamiliar Surroundings

FORMULATING THE CASE ANALYSIS A. The Organization What are the organization’s mission, objectives, and distinctive competency? What is its offering to the market? How can its past and present performance be characterized? What is its potential? What is the situation in which the manager or organization finds itself? What factors have contributed to the present situation? What are its financial, human, and material resources? What is the “fit” between it and its environment based on the SWOT? B. A Plan of Action: What actions are available to the firm based on the situation analysis What are the costs and benefits of action in both qualitative and quantitative terms? Is there a disparity between what the organization wants to do, should do, can do, and must do? c. Potential Outcomes: What will be the competitive response to each course of action? How will each course of action satisfy organization requirements? What is the potential improve in performance and outcomes of each course of action? Will the action enhance or reduce the organization’s ability ‘to compete in the future? What is the best course of action to pursue? D. If using teams: Create a balanced team whose members skill sets complement one another (writing, oral presentation, financial, etc.) Be committed to the task and dependable Avoid “groupthink Written Report: 1. Be carefully organized and grammatically correct 2. Has three major sections: Strategic problem and issue identification Analysis and evaluation (SWOT) Possible solutions Recommendations

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