Empress Wu and the Spread of Buddhism

Empress Wu and the Spread of Buddhism

I need a 10 page essay (double spaded) with at least 5 scholarly articles with Chicago style footnotes and citations concerning the rule of the 1st and only Chinese Empress Wu during the tang dynasty. The essay should surround the buddha statue she commissioned the colossal Buddha, which has feminine features and is one of the first true examples of feminism in an ancient time. The essay should however also cover the wide spread of buddhism throughout china during this time, how the tang dynasty government ruled china as well as the spread of arts and culture along with Buddhism.




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Empress Wu and the Spread of Buddhism
Current day developments in China can be attributed to the policies implemented by the Tang dynasty that led to long periods of economic prosperity. The Tang dynasty lasted between 618-907 CE and proceeded by the Sui dynasty and followed by five other dynasties and ten kingdoms. This period is unique in Chinese history because it involved a woman who implemented most of the policies in place of her husband. China experienced high levels of civilization accompanied by a golden age of cosmopolitan culture. Unlike the Sui dynasty that lasted between 581 and 618, the Tang dynasty lasted over three hundred years due to its reliance on the military and other spies so that any officials that opposed the government were eliminated.

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