English Assignment

English Assignment

An American professional auto racing driver N. L., who was a seven-time NASCAR CUP Series Champion, miraculously survived when his car suddenly burst into flames in the midst of the racing track. When the car of the fearless and precise racer lost its control and spun into the barriers, it was clear that something was wrong. Remarkably, not only did the champion racer “walked away”/ survived from this horrific crash, he returned to race again the following week.

When the investigators announced that his racing car was serviced with a wrong fuel, N. L. asked to see the mechanic who had serviced his car before the race. When the racing legend approached the young mechanic, tears streamed down the mechanic’s face. He was begging for mercy and was repeating that it was just a careless mistake; he didn’t mean to cause the loss of a very expensive car nor he ever wanted to cause N. L.’s or any other racer’s death.

One could anticipate the anger of the miraculously survived racing star. Every member of the racing crew was waiting to see what N. L. would say or do with the “careless” mechanic…

Finish the story !

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