Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management

Reflect on the case studies reviewed from the course. Write a 2-4 page paper including the following requirements:

Explain ERM and why it is important to organizations
Describe benefits and challenges of implementing ERM in organizations.
What are critical factors to consider in organizations prior to implementing an ERM?
How often should ERM strategies and processes be modified after implementation?
What was your favorite case study reviewed on ERM? Which one was your least favorite and why?
Do you plan to go into a career involving ERM? If so what is your ideal job role. If not what would you like to do in the future over the next 5 years?
In your paper include:

Title Page
1-3 References [separate page]
APA format , 300-350 words








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ERM can be defined as the process where you plan, organize, lead and control the activities of a company so as to decrease the effects of any risk on business earnings and capital. It involves financial, operating risks and strategic as well as risks linked to accidental losses.

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