Environmental Analysis and Goal Setting Page Type: Drop Box

Environmental Analysis and Goal Setting Page Type: Drop Box

In the first part of your project, you created your company for the course project. Now it’s time for you to focus on what you want your business to accomplish. You’ll need to evaluate the current business environment and set some of the initial planning in place. The assignment should be at least three pages in length, adhere to APA standards, and complete the following



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SWOT Analysis of a Plastic Recycling Company

Daily augmentation in the use of plastic materials, has greatly resulted in the demand for a management plan, which includes the establishment of a recycling plant in the US. It is apparent that the first spring of the plastic materials entails industrial waste,  water bottles, various plastics in the homestead, and furniture (Pardo Martínez & Piña, 2016). After recycling the materials, they are after that sold as a new product. Producing roofing and other tiles from the mixture of recycled plastic and sand is influenced by both external and internal factors. The external factors are opportunities and threats, while the internal environment factors are strengths and weaknesses.  Therefore, this paper shall analyze the SWOT analysis of the recycling company proposed in the first part of the project.

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