What is the purpose of each article?

I need your help with my assignment Please!! I turned in my Essay 1 Draft 1 but now I need a second Draft essay that is better written. I attached the file.
Compare and contrast AT LEAST TWO of the writers we have read.

Your paper should be 2 to 5 pages.

Please submit ONLY a WORD DOC (or DOCX) in this name format

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Compare and Contrast Essay: Write an essay comparing AT LEAST TWO of the writers. Your essay should analyze each article and explain how each text attends to exigence, rhetorical situation, and purpose to present a persuasive argument. In MLA Format.


Review “Why We Protest & Riot: Perspective From The Front Lines (Links to an external site.)” (online)

Review “My White Friend Asked Me on Facebook to Explain White Privilege. I Decided to Be Honest (Links to an external site.)” (online)

. Base your essay and THESIS on analyzing how AT LEAST TWO of the writers address these aspects of rhetoric:
a) the rhetorical situation – explain what is meant by this term and how it applies to the essays.




b) exigence – explain what the exigence was for each writer to write his or her article. Is there evidence that the writers’ intentions were to inspire action in their readers?

c) purpose – what is the purpose of each article? How does “purpose” relate to the rhetorical situation?

Your essay must incorporate quotes from the articles to support your analysis.

-revise thesis to include analysis of rhetorical strategies and compare/contrast of writers

-revise Introduction to include writers’ names and article titles in correct formats

-revise all quotes for correct QUOTE SANDWICH format

-include a Works Cited page


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What is the purpose of each article


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