Essay week 5

Essay week 5

Leadership Coaching Plan:

Coaching Dialogue and Coaching Mirror Techniques

This essay serves as the next section of your Leadership Coaching Plan. In an essay 900 words in length, discuss strategies for facilitating coaching dialogue and use coaching mirror techniques. Incorporate the following in your discussion:

1. What is the goal of the coaching dialogue? What do you hope the leader will accomplish through this dialogue? 2. How will you help the leader to develop the “use of self” framework? Specifically, how will you help the leader to “see?” 3. How will you use coaching mirror techniques to help guide the leader’s self-reflection and testing of assumptions? Describe in specific detail, and apply the Ladder of Inference. 4. List the open-ended questions that you will use to initiate dialogue. Given this leader’s specific situation, also list customized probing questions that you may ask. Generate your own questions

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Leadership Coaching Plan

Question 1

Coaching refers to a form of development where a coach supports other people to achieve various personal or career goals. In many institutions, it is a critical process through which employees are able to develop into shrewd and competent individuals. Coaching dialogue is a conversation between a coach and their followers that aims at improving them through assessing some of the challenges they face and how they can overcome them (Kloster, & Swire, 2015). There are several goals of coaching conversations. One of the major goals is to resolve some of the conflicts that may arise among the employees within a given workplace. It is human nature for conflicts to arise among people. The role of coaching dialogues is to assess the cause of these conflicts and come up with solutions that ensure that the concern is appropriately addressed.

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