Explain under which circumstances you would use each strategy.

Explain under which circumstances you would use each strategy.

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Objective: After completing this preparatory assignment, you will be able to identify audiences and explain the strategies for persuading audiences to act or change beliefs.

Rationale: Effective and ethical persuasion is an essential skill of business communication. The primary purpose of a persuasive message is for your audience to act or change beliefs, which is a difficult task. In addition to trying to convince your audience to act or change beliefs, you may need to achieve several secondary purposes. This assignment will help you remember and understand the various strategies that you can use in creating persuasive message.

Directions: For this assignment, you will need to:

  • Identify persuasive strategies.
  • Explain under which circumstances you would use each strategy.
  • How to determine what tone to take

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Students will be able to:

  • Analyze performance on previous assignment to identify areas of strength and in need of improvement.
  • Process their learning to articulate the benefit and value of concepts to future professional communication.


  • Genre: Memo
  • Audience: Primary (yourself)
  • Purpose: Reflection plays a key role in both academic and professional life: Taking the time to step back from the torrent of tasks and information allows us to process and synthesize experiences, activities, and products. In other words, we cease engaging with mere information and begin to consider meaning. We come to contemplate and consider how we have evolved, what we have learned, and where we would like to head. With this reflection on the previous assignment, you will discuss your learning and take-aways from it, along with your performance on it.


Please write a memo, lasting no more than a page, in which you reflect on and discuss the previous assignment in terms of what you have learned and intend to apply in the future. Discuss important concepts or practices that you believe will prove useful in the future. In addition, consider the assignment you submitted for a grade and feedback: What went well with it, and what would you like to improve? Explore and consider what you would like to keep in mind and do better in the future as a professional communicator.

With your reflection, please note that there is no right or wrong answer; this open-ended prompt will allow you to concentrate on what is most meaningful or relevant to your learning and growth as a communicator and a student. What is most important is that you take the time to explore and consider your experience with and understanding of the content and the concepts of the relevant assignment, along with your performance on it.


  • Thoughtful and detailed support for observations about learning
  • Engagement with what you have learned, what you did well, and what you could do better
  • Demonstration of growth mindset by exercising positive emphasis and maintaining goodwill toward self
  • Awareness and application of best practices with document design (HATS framework, etc.)


  • What were some key concepts from this previous unit and/or assignment that I would like to keep in mind and apply in the future?
  • With this previous assignment, where did I do well, and where could I perhaps improve in the future?
  • How can I design a user-friendly and engaging document by considering and accounting for the HATS framework for document design?


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Explain under which circumstances you would use each strategy.


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