What problems exist in your community that needs attention?

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Details: This assignment consists of thinking about three dimensions of your life and how you might develop ethical relations within those areas. The three aspects are local community, nation, and world. Complete ONE prompt in each of the categories below.


Research a local community service organization. The organization may be secular (non-religious) or religious. What is the specific mission of the organization and what kinds of activities does it conduct to further that mission? How is the organization funded? Would you support this organization through donations or volunteer work? If so, why? If not, why not?


Come up with an idea for a service organization you think your local community needs. What problems exist in your community that needs attention? What would be the mission of the organization? How would it be organized? What activities would it engage in? How would it be funded?


What moral responsibilities do you believe we have to our country?


Many democratic nations around the world require voting instead of allowing voting for citizens. That is, citizens are required by law to vote in elections and are fined if they don’t. Here in the United States, citizens are allowed but not compelled to vote. Research “compulsory voting” and discuss whether you think it is an ethical practice.


Research one of the following global issues:

Global warming
Sex trafficking
Sweatshop labor/unfair labor practices
Slavery (yes, it still exists)
Outsourcing jobs
International drug trafficking
Access to health care resources
How do you think the issue can be improved? What might you be able to do personally to help with the problem?

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What problems exist in your community that needs attention

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