Evaluating the Attack Surface (survey paper project)

Evaluating the Attack Surface (survey paper project)


Each student is required to write a survey paper on one of the topics listed below. In your survey, you need to review the current research on the selected topic, understand the problem, and critique the proposed solution. You must reference at least five recently published papers.

A valuable survey paper should include comprehensive discussion and comparisons between the presented research papers. Your survey should include a discussion of possible future work. It is recommended to reference papers that are highly cited and published in key journals or conferences.

Each student will submit a survey paper along with a PowerPoint presenting a summary of the paper. Hence, each student should submit the following before the presentation day:

  1. A short survey (5-8 pages) using the template below.
  2. A presentation of maximum 15 slides describing the topic and the work of the student.


  1. Your survey must follow the template guidelines precisely.
  2. You must follow APA style and use End Note for reference management.
  3. Your article cannot go beyond 12 pages, including references.
  4. At least three of your references must be from journal articles published in well-known publishers’ databases (IEEE, Springer, Elsevier, Wiley, and Taylor & Francis).


  1. Evaluating the Attack Surface


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