Fallacy Scavenger hunt

Fallacy Scavenger hunt

Fallacies Scavenger Hunt

You need to find 2 fallacies from each of the 3 Aristotelian Appeals: Ethos, Pathos, and Logos.

Emotional Appeal Fallacies (Pathos): Scare Tactics, Either/Or Choices, Slippery Slope, Overly Sentimental Appeal, and Bandwagon Appeal.

Ethical Appeal Fallacies (Ethos): Appeals to False Authority, Dogmatism, Ad Hominem Arguments, and Stacking the deck

Logical Appeal Fallacies (logos): Hasty generalization, faulty Causality, Begging the Question, Equivocation, Non Sequitur, Straw Man, Red Herring, and Faulty Analogy.

Look at website, blog articles, editorials, syndicated columns, news reports, interviews, speeches, advertisements (digital as well as print) and cartoons for Fallacies.

Explain the fallacy in depth. Why did you think this was a fallacy and what fallacy was used. Do not assume your teacher will understand the fallacy. It is your job to clarify in detail the fallacious nature of that fallacy.

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Pls see the student sample if you need to be inspired, but that means you have to do better than that!

There has to be at least one visual used.





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Fallacies Scavenger Hunt
A fallacy is usually the use of reasoning that is invalid and faulty especially during an argument. The argument tends to appear good whereas in the real sense it is deceptive in its entirelty. There are three types of fallacies which include: emotional appeal, logical appeal and ethical appeal fallacies. In this particular paper, I will be considering logical appeal fallacy and ethical appeal fallacy.

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