Family Treatment Models

Family Treatment Models


Explain the major differences between the family disease models, family systems models, and behavioral models of family treatment of addictive behaviors.


What clients might be best served by each of the models? Which of the models would you most likely learn about to advance your professional development?

Special Instructions:

Create a 1 page essay in APA format according to the instructions above. Use 2 scholarly sources for references. Be sure to utilize in-text citations.




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Family disease model refers to a model where the entire family system becomes absorbed by a problem such as addiction that is gradually spinning out of control. This model looks at substance as a disease that affects the entire family. In this model, members of the family are put under unusual stress, normal routine disrupted and push a family to a breaking point. Family disease models affect the stability of a home, its unity, mental and physical health, finances as well as the entire family dynamics.

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