final reflectio

final reflectio

This final exam will offer you one last opportunity to reflect on the works we’ve read this term as well as the conversations we’ve had about them. How you respond to the question below is up to you — but your exam must be at least 600 words. I will apply the Grading Rubric for Written Work (in Course Resources) — which means frame your response like a mini-essay, with intro, conclusion, coherent paragraphs and plenty of detail.

Question: First, take some time to reflect on your own reactions to the works we’ve read this term and the various lenses we’ve applied to them in our discussions. It wouldn’t hurt to go back and briefly review those discussions.

In your response, reflect on some aspect of these works or our conversations about them that stands out for you. This is part reader-response, part review of the approaches we’ve taken to world literature. You response should introduce that main idea in your intro and explore it with references from at least three of the works we’ve read.

Possible subjects would include (but not be limited to):

The impact of the culture of a given society on its literature.
The role of women in the works we’ve read.
The ways in which literature challenges the norms of society.
The ways in which literature supports the norms of society.
The changing nature of storytelling.
The various kinds of narrators/protagonists we’ve encountered.
Again — feel free to identify a theme of your own!




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Final Reflection

The interaction with different materials from the course has been an impressive experience. In the course of the study, I was exposed to an array of issues and questions, most of which are related to the common issues in our contemporary society (Goody). The interesting thing is that most of the problems which were present in our society in several decades ago, they are the same issues.

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