financial statement analysis (see the attachment )

financial statement analysis (see the attachment )

the company is ( Procter and gamble )

Accounting 230

Summer 2019, First Session

Financial Statement Analysis Project

Each student will select a unique company, retrieve the most current set of financial statements for that company, and write an analysis of the financial position of that company using those financial statements.

Each student must select one U.S. publicly traded company (a company that is listed on a U.S. stock exchange). No two students may report on the same company, and neither Nike nor Under Armor may be selected as they are used as the examples in Chapter 12. To ensure this, students must register their choice of company with the professor either on the list provided in class or via e-mail. Companies will be given on a first-come, first-served basis. Students who fail to register their choice of company will have ten points deducted from their final assignment grade.

Once a company has been selected, each student will need to locate and download the complete set of financial statements released by that company for the most current fiscal year. The financial statements may be in the form of an Annual Report or a form 10K. These may be found on the company websites under “Investor Relations”, on, or through the SEC EDGAR database

Using the financial statements, each student will write an analysis of the financial position of their company. The analysis should follow the conventions for professional business writing and should be approximately 750 words in length (about three pages double-spaced).

this is the company (Procter and gamble)

you should look up at income statment , statment of stock holder equity , balance cheat and statment of cash flow of the company and analysis them.
also make sure that you flow the the grad categories

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            Procter and gamble was established in October 31st, 1981 in Ohio, United States. The name originates from its founders William Procter and James gamble. The company operates on the global market. The major products it produces usually fall in the customer health category which are majorly hygienic and personal aid products. Earlier on the company used to distribute food and confectionary products. This products were however dropped as the company sold Pringles to another firm-Kellogg company- the company’s current focus is on beauty products, health and home utility products, child and family care products. The current major engagement by the company is the purchase of Merck- a health care products division- that was done in April 2018. (P&G 2019)The company has also restructured its corporate management into a hexa-unit group that is to be implemented in July 2019.

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