find the pro and con s of boundaryless careers

find the pro and con s of boundaryless careers

Reflect on the concept of “Boundaryless Careers” in the following links:

come up with 5 pros for working in a boundaryless career environment and 5 cons.

and If you were mentoring a new employee provide a one-page mentoring guide for managing the boundaryless career environment




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As the environment changes due to factors such as globalization, career contexts have changed along. This has lead individuals to alter their career attitude to fulfill their personal development and growth. People that move from one position to another are known to portray boundaryless career attitudes (Zigu, 2016). This type of individuals is known to move around in either organizational departments or further than the boundaries of a single organization to achieve better results.
Some of the pros of boundaryless career include.
• Individuals grow their way of success that guides them in their career choices
• Boundaryless career helps in growing the individual’s knowledge and social assets
• Higher levels of career success are reported with boundaryless career

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