Finding and Evaluating Resources: Magazine, Newspaper Articles and Web Resources

Finding and Evaluating Resources: Magazine, Newspaper Articles and Web Resources

For the first part of your final assignment, you will use research magazines, newspaper articles, and web resources for your Annotated Bibliography. You will:

Locate two articles that appear to be useful for your research project. You will use the MasterFile database to search for a magazine article and the News & Newspaperdatabase to search for a newspaper article.
Use the internet to locate three resources that may be useful for answering your research questions. From the three resources, select the one that is best for answering your research questions.
Click the link below to download the Magazines, Newspaper Articles and Web Resources Worksheet. Use the information that you gathered to successfully complete this worksheet




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Part I: Research Journal – Magazine and Newspaper Articles

1. What database(s) did you use to locate your magazine and newspaper articles?
2. What search terms did you use and how did you adjust your strategy based on results? (Include number of results for each search). What, if any, keywords or phrases did you add to your search menu based on the item records or content of the articles?
Violence, fragmentation, community, African-American, socioeconomic, police, policing and race
3. List the titles of two articles that appeared to meet your research needs (one for magazine and one for newspaper).
“Policing, community fragmentation, and public health: observations from Baltimore”
“Neighborhood policing program builds relationships to cut crime”
“The intersection of policing and race”
4. Why did you select these articles?
I selected the articles because they related to the issue of polici8ng within the community.
5. Briefly summarize the articles and include a reference citation for each article you chose below.

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