Food Journal and Reflection

Food Journal and Reflection

Over the past ten days, you’ve been documenting all the food you’ve eaten. Now it’s time to take a look back at your data and see what you can learn from this process.


Analyze primary research data and compile it into meaningful results
Identify patterns and draw connections between the food you eat and the circumstances surrounding your meals
Reflect on the food you eat and consider its impact on your routines, behavior, etc.
Examine the ways in which food is connected to your identity

In 2-3 pages (double-spaced, 12 pt font, 1-inch margins) you should reflect on the food journal you have completed over the last 10 days. Here are some questions to consider:

What patterns do you see in your food consumption? How do you interpret these patterns?

What was the most surprising thing you discovered in recording and reviewing your food intake for 10 days? Explain.

Were your eating habits influenced by the need to record them? If so, how? If not, why not?

Did your food habits change depending on whom you ate with? Are there stories associated with the food/people?

Review the “thoughts about the food” section of your journal. What would you say is your general attitude toward food? Does this attitude match the sentiments you expressed in your “What does food mean to you?” paper? Explain.

Does what you eat feel personal, political, public, private, emotional? Some combination of these? Something else? Explain.

What other discoveries did you make about yourself and your eating habits through this process?

Use the above questions as springboards for your thoughts and write a cohesive essay in response. You need not answer every question, but you should touch on at least three. Please organize your paper as an essay with paragraphs that build on one another rather than a list of answers. You should follow your own interests and strive to write an original paper that delves into an interesting discovery about your food habits or the act of recording them. I’ll be grading this assignment based on the thoroughness of your journal and the thoughtfulness of your reflection. See rubric for more details

I have attached the food journal as well as the rubric please make sure the paper is based on the food journal entry and make sure to follow the rubric or paper will not be accepted






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Sometimes it is essential to be consistent in your eating habits, snacks and drinks help one know the type of food he may be taking mostly and also the ones that he does not. I have been recording the diet that I have been taking for the last ten days, and I have observed a lot of things. It has helped me understand the food that I take most.

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