four questions below

four questions below

1. Discuss the differences of bargaining power and bargaining environment between private and public sectors (use some examples to illustrate). Discuss your opinion about the bargaining power for public sectors.

2. Provide examples for good faith bargaining behaviors and illegal bad faith bargaining behaviors.

3. What are some changes of collective bargaining nowadays comparing to earlier days? What are the causing factors and why? (e.g., more divergent? Competitive environment? )

4. Discuss the Case: Does the Duty to Bargain Preclude Unilateral Wage Increases?

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There are several differences between bargaining power and bargaining environment between private and the public sectors. One of the differences is consumer choice. For example, in the private sector, if a business like a grocery store were to negotiate a union contract which specifies costly as well as wages that are cumbersome, consumers would prefer a shop at a different store which offers lower prices and better service.

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