FRB vs Monetary Policy in Japan

FRB vs Monetary Policy in Japan

1. Federal Reserve Bank board members are staggered, non-renewable, 14 year appointments. How does this impact the operation of monetary policy with regard to Congress and the president?

2. In this macroeconomics class, we focus on the US fiscal and monetary policy, but as we stated earlier, the fiscal policy and monetary policy tools are universal and each country has it’s own policy based on their macroeconomic indicators.

In this extra credit discussion, please research the Japanese economy briefly and comment on the Japanese monetary policy. Japan has been experiencing deflation for several years and the Bank of Japan (the central bank of Japan) is using the monetary policy tools (including quantitative easing) to stimulate the Japanese economy. Please read the following article as well as the news you will find from credible sources and explain how the monetary policy is conducted given the macroeconomic situation in Japan. Cite your references. (Links to an external site.)




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FRB vs. Monetary Policy in Japan
The Federal Reserve System acts as the central banking and financial system in the United States of America (U.S.). It is the agency mandated to promote and ensure effectiveness in the U.S. economy for the well-being of the general public.

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