Fundamentals networking ( Task 2)

Fundamentals networking ( Task 2)


This week we focus on introducing wireless technology in networking.

Learn to configure wireless devices in a network for use.

As a networking specialist you must be able to choose the correct wireless technologies to integrate into a network, and choose how to properly integrate them without creating security risks to the organization.

As a member of a team, you worked on requirements and stakeholder analysis for your networking project. Use what you learned and apply that to your project.

·Update your project with stakeholder and requirement information.

oIdentify the needs of the organization to include a public wireless network for customers in the environment and update the project accordingly.

oIdentify the basic needs of the users for hardware.

We have already started planning but let’s learn from experts how to put this process in motion.

·Watch video on wireless networking:

·If you need a refresher on driver installation, watch video on drivers:

LYNDA Driver MGMT Video

·Check out to learn more about wireless technology

·Also, do research on the following terms: 802.11x, Wireless AC, Wireless B, Wireless G, WiMax, Bluetooth PAN, Near Field Communications

Now that you know something about wireless technology.

·Do some research and select a wireless access point that can complement your wired layout, as well as wireless NIC cards that will create the wireless networking portion of the infrastructure.

oRemember to choose devices that have certain bandwidth and capabilities based on their application.

·Do some research on the different antenna types and their applications; select the appropriate type depending on the layout of the wireless network.

Design and submit a plan consisting of simple steps for someone to follow in selecting their own wireless devices



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A network is a group of computers, servers, peripherals, network and other devices connected together. The devices are linked and share information together. It is an interconnection of systems that enables easy exchange of information.

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