Give a brief overview of the case

Give a brief overview of the case

No directly quoted material may be used in this project paper.

Resources should be summarized or paraphrased with appropriate in-text and Resource page citations.

Project 1: Case Analysis

Phil Spector was a famous record producer, songwriter and artist. In 2009, he was convicted of the 2003 murder of Lana Clarkson. Spector’s first trial resulted in a hung jury, and six years later he was tried again resulting in his conviction.

You may conduct your own research in answering the questions below, but also consider the following two links for support:

After reviewing the information provided, submit a three (3) page paper using the format below and answering the following questions supported by specific authority from the links provided. Use must use 1 inch margins and 1.5 line spacing, as well as 12pt font, preferably Times Roman or Arial.

A. Introduction

1. Give a brief overview of the facts of the case, including an explanation of the specific statute(s) under which the defendant was charged and/or convicted and the ultimate outcome of the case

2. Give a brief explanation of the burden of proof, which is proof beyond a reasonable doubt in a criminal prosecution.

3. Give a brief explanation of why the Spector trial was so important to the prosecution of crimes in the United States (think: retrials and double jeopardy).

B. Opening Statements

1. Which attorney was most persuasive?

2. Which attorney gave the jury more significant facts to consider?

C. Establishing/Challenging a Prima Facie Case for Murder

1. Name one key witness who helped establish a prima facie case of homicide for the prosecution or challenged a prima facie case for the defense, and explain why he or she helped or hurt the prosecution of the case.

D. Evidence

1. What other evidence (than testimony) was significant in establishing or challenging a prima facie case of murder?

E. Closing Arguments

1. Describe why one was more persuasive than the other, and how the jury would have been persuaded one way or the other based on the closing statements.

F. Outside Factors

1. What, if any, outside factors (media, public opinion, etc.) affected the trial and/or the outcome of the case and how did they do so? (What book?)

G. Concluding thoughts

H. As a budding criminal justice scholar, discuss briefly why this case is important to the study of criminal justice and criminal prosecution, and how reading primary documentation about it has changed your own perspective on the case.

Format Requirements

1. Submit a three (3) page paper using the format above and answering the listed questions supported by specific authority from the links provided.

2. Use must use 1 inch margins

3. 1.5 line spacing,

4. 12pt font, preferably Times Roman or Arial




Solution Preview

The facts of the case revolved around the murder of Lana Clarkson, an actress, who was found dead in a mansion which belonged to a record producer, Phil Spector. The facts which were presented in the case by the prosecution revolved around the defendant, his chauffeur, and the deceased actress. The chauffeur, Adriano De Souza had been working for Spector for a period of three to four months. In February 2003, Adriano’s driving services were requested. Spector, the defendant was driven to Studio City where one of his friends lived. The two friends went out for dinner at Grill which ended in-between 9:30 pm and 10 O’clock. At the time the two friends had finished their dinner, Spector was a little intoxicated. After dinner, Spector further went out to drink at the Trader Vic’s with another friend who was later dropped off at her apartment. Spector was also driven to the Foundation Room where he met Lana Clarkson who was working at the establishment while she was being trained to be a hostess (Thompson, 2010).

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