What specific task-oriented behaviors are used by Jackie?

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Superior Staffing is one of the top recruiting and staffing agencies in the country. The primary mission of the company is to hire highly qualified regular and temporary employees for client companies. Superior provides these services for many different types of organizations. The primary responsibility of each regional manager is the development and supervision of several recruiters who identify prospective employees for the company’s clients located in their region.

Jackie has been the manager of the company office in the Eastern territory, and she supervises the ten recruiters who work in her office. She is well-liked by her employees and regularly socializes with them during happy hour at the bar down the street where she frequently picks up the tab. She also holds parties at her house for her employees and their families three or four times a year. She takes an interest in the personal lives of her recruiters and offers to help when someone is upset and having a difficult problem. Jackie’s sincere concern for her recruiters has led to a highly supportive work environment where everyone is always willing to lend a helping hand.

The recruiters that work for her appreciate the time that she takes to give individual coaching to anyone who needs it. Sometimes she observes a recruiter who is calling potential recruits or meeting with them at the office. Afterward, she praises effective performance and provides advice about how to be more effective. One of the most successful recruiters in her office was eventually promoted after several years to be the manager of another region, where he was also successful. He commented that her willingness to spend so much time coaching and mentoring him is a big reason why he continued working at the company for so many years.

Jackie sets challenging monthly goals for each recruiter on the number of successful placements of recruits with clients. At the end of each month, she holds individual progress review meetings with the recruiters to check on each person’s performance. If the placement goal is not achieved, she helps a recruiter develop improvement plans for the coming month. She also encourages them to tell her about any problems that they cannot resolve quickly, so they work together to find a solution in a timely manner.

The success of her recruiters has generated some of the highest revenues in Superior’s commercial division.

What specific task-oriented behaviors are used by Jackie?

What specific relations-oriented behaviors are used by Jackie?

What are some other specific task and relations behaviors that were not described in the case but may also be relevant for Jackie to use?

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What specific task-oriented behaviors are used by Jackie


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