Hardware components

Hardware components

Hardware Components
A. Examine the business’s issues to determine specific hardware requirements. Based on these issues, what are the major categories and
components of hardware that should be considered? Identify each of the applicable requirements (hard drive storage, video cards, etc.), being
sure to cite specific examples wherever appropriate.
B. Then, compare and contrast the various options for meeting the requirements. Be sure to cite specific evidence from the component
specification fact sheets to support your evaluation. What are their functional strengths and weaknesses? How do they compare in terms of cost
and maintainability?
C. Compose a final list detailing all of your specific hardware recommendations for your client. Be sure to logically justify your proposal as the best
possible choice for meeting the business requirements.
follow the directions of the paper guidelines

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The business needs to purchase computer hardware to keep track of the inventory and sales. The hardware can be used for efficiently perform any administrative work within the organization, particularly storing the inventory…

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