Healthcare Policy

Healthcare Policy

Respond by critiquing at least two of your colleagues’ postings on two different days using elements of the communication process and recommend additional strategies to overcome the barriers. If you think other factors may have contributed to the situation, provide an analysis with the support of literature.

An incident that involved a process at my place of work that involves ineffective communication is an insulin drip policy change that came out. A new policy came out with a new method of administering insulin drip for a patient with high blood sugar. The protocol was confusing and the chart graph was difficult to understand. The communication with educating the staff regarding the new protocol was not effective and had to be redone. Education plays an important role in achieving organizational goals through a combination of organizational and the workforce interests. Nowadays, training is an essential factor contributing to greater efficiency of the staff and organizations. In fact, it is a vital investment that will lead to internal promotion, staff development and success of organizational plans (Chaghari, Saffari, Ebadi & Ameryoun, 2017). One of the main features of in-service training is applicability. Previous research has shown that job characteristics and professional factors can contribute to the involvement of employees in in-service training. Nurses play an important role in improving health standards. Hence, they need to be updated about theoretical and practical knowledge in this field. Some barriers would be resistance to change from nursing staff and also methods of teaching and educating the new protocols. To help staff accept the new bundle of practices fully, ensure that they understand that those practices offer promising strategies for providing high-quality care for patients. Identify and minimize practical barriers to using the new practices, such as inadequate access to supplies and at all at all levels, engage staff to gain their support and buy-in to the improvement effort and help tailor the practices in pressure ulcer prevention. If all these things are done properly, implementation can be put in place and the nurses can know what to do and what protocol to safely follow.

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Policy making within an organization, in which a different group of people with professional knowledge on the application of policy would enforce it, requires apt input from such participants in developing the policy in question…

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