help with propsal essay d

help with propsal essay d

I need help with my proposal essay. it has so be in mla format. the essay is about the problems with Gorssmont College, I picked the security because in the parking lot there aren’t cameras and many things happen like cars get damaged and people get in fights so we need cameras and it ha to be more security. Campus Security Authorities (CSA) are the one who report any crime that happen to the Campus Parking Services (CAPS), they are the sheriffs in the district. the college needs a force for its own so if anyting happen they would be there.



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The project proposal will provide information revolving around the security improvements which will be carried out in Grossmont College. The upgrades being proposed in this particular proposal will be carried out on the school parking lot due to some issues which have been encountered that affect the security of the vehicles and the students as well. The project proposal will feature improvements being carried out in this particular area which will involve the installation of CCTV cameras which will be used to monitor the activities carried out in the parking lot.

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