Help writing case study for my HR class

Help writing case study for my HR class

Please no plagiarism

2-3 pages
(double-spaced, 12-point font) for your response (not including any necessary reference pages).
Be sure to respond to all questions.



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Human Resource Management: Pfizer Case Study

Question One

In a society where firms no longer operate within a localized market, there has been an increasing need for the businesses to adopt practices that appeal to the wider global market. For instance, Pfizer is a global company, and working in the global marker would infer that its business policies need to not only consider consumers in the Mid-Western or Eastern United States, but also the interest of potential consumers in the Middle East. Consequently, the first among many sources of motivation for the company’s efforts to improve diversity is based on the business needs of the company, and the need to appeal to different consumers with divergent views on an array of values.

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