High cholesterol

High cholesterol

Describe your disorder/disease.

Each student will be assigned a specific disease and drug to research. Each student will complete a research report and poster board visual on their assigned drug. This project will consist of the following 2 parts:

  1. 90% of grade: Research paper that covers the following, in this order: use subtitles.
    1) Describe your disorder/disease. You MUST cover the following with citations:
    a. Define the disorder/disease
    b. Etiology of disorder/disease
    c. What effects does the disorder/disease have on the body
    2) Discuss your drug as it is used to treat your assigned disease. The following MUST be covered in your drug discussion in this order with citations:
    a. Mechanism of action: define in detail
    b. Pharmacokinetics (ADME): all parts of ADME must be discussed
    c. Drug Interactions: at least 3 drug interactions, no more than 5 (must be different categories of drug interactions and specific drug names must be mentioned).
    d. Adverse Effects: at least 3 adverse effects, no more than 5
    3) Conclusion to summarize the paper
    **Paper must be in paragraph format (no outlines or bullet points) and be at least 3 pages not to exceed 4 pages in length (you will need at minimum 3 pages to cover all the information required.) The
    paper must also contain the following:
    1) Title page: name, date, class, college, disease, drug (not included in the 3 pages required) (APA format)
    2) 12-pt font, Times New Roman, 1” margins, Use subtitles (APA format)
    3) APA format throughout and correct APA for in-text citations
    4) Include a short conclusion to summarize the research paper
    5) Reference page in correct APA format (not included in the 3 pages required)
    6) You may utilize your pharmacology book, any book used throughout your dental hygiene program, the pharmacology books in the LRC, or a CREDIBLE drug web-source. All references MUST be cited in correct APA format in-text and be listed on the reference page in correct APA format.

*Please refer to Purdue Owl website for reference in correct APA in-text and reference page citations: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/
** Refer to grading Rubric prior to submitting paper**

  1. 10% of grade: Diagram of your assigned body organ presented via video OR a powerpoint presentation. The diagram MUST be on a poster board (or poster board size) and contain the following:
    o Drawing of the organ with labeled detailed anatomy of the organ as it pertains to your disease and/or drug (at minimum 6 labeled parts to your organ – that is the minimum, most organs will require far more to be of adequate detail). You will then need a 5 min video of you explaining your poster or diagram. The video will be submitted through Canvas by due date.
    Create a powerpoint displaying pictures of your assigned organ with 6 labeled parts. Include pictures of your assigned drugs mechanism of action and how it affects the organ. Use a voice over feature to explain it.

Answer preview Describe your disorder/disease.


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