High School Redshirting

High School Redshirting

In Week 3, you chose a topic for your Research Paper. The topic you selected should relate to one of the many issues/challenges related to interscholastic athletics. In your Research Paper you should review the history of the issue or problem, theoretical perspectives, give real-practical examples of this problem, walk through the decision-making process, walk through the conflict resolution process, and describe the rationale for making decisions and creating the solution.

Outline for Research Paper: Approximately 10-12 pages formatted according to APA 6th Edition guidelines (title page, double spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font, 1″ margin all the way around, in-text citations, reference page, etc.).

Your Research Paper should include the following:

Title Page (title, name, etc.)
Abstract (a brief comprehensive summary of the contents of the article)
Introduction (introduce the problem)
Review of Literature (information from your references, theoretical perspectives, etc.)
Discussion (your thoughts on the issue, recommendations, etc.)
References (minimum of 10 sources)
Appendices (if you have any, not required)

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Redshirting is a common practice in modern schools, and occurs both for academic and sporting activities. The review herein explores some of the existing research on the subject with the intention of exemplifying some of the underlying theories related to the practice. According to the different research studies herein analyzed, financial reasons tend to be the primary cause for engagement in redshirting. Additionally, parents are often aware of the practice and will often encourage it, largely due to the consequences it has on the children’s welfare. Further, the research provides recommendations primarily on the development of policies intent on addressing the issue in school. However, the research also confirms that further research is necessary to guarantee extensive success in implementing any intervention measures.

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