History- Islamic civilization

History- Islamic civilization

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What were three major characteristics that defined the period of Islamic history after the 10th century, from the collapse of the ‘Abbāsid caliphate, fragmentation of the empire, and rise of the Saljūqs and their successor states. Describe each characteristic. How did these institutional characteristics differ from the period of Early Islam from the 7th to 10th centuries? Use specific examples.

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History- Islamic Civilization

There were several characteristics that defined the period after the 10th century in Islamic history. The first trait that was evident was that there was great progress that was being made in science, culture, invention, and philosophy. Such pursuit of knowledge and education had not been observed among the ruling elite in the previous centuries. Such civilization would later lead to the Golden age of Islam. The second characteristic was that there were many dynasties than in the past. Dynasties started to spread across the Middle East thereby decentralizing the power in the region. The third characteristic was that there was increased trade within the region

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