Human Ecology Essay Questions Please ensure you reread yourself grammar is our number one priority

Human Ecology Essay Questions Please ensure you reread yourself grammar is our number one priority

Each essay answers should be at least 250 words. Please write concisely with a purpose and absolutely NO PLAGIARISM!

1. List “Six Impossible Things” that you do during the day. Analyze each of these and explain how they affect the ecology of “distant lands” and how they affect the people who make or recycle the products that you use or grow the food that you eat. For each of these, what could you do to lessen your impact and promote more social justice and equity in the world?

2. Describe and explain, in your own words, a human-ecological problem in your community, region or state(Mississippi).Who are the various stakeholders? What are their positions? Describe some common ground between the stakeholders, which eventhey may not be aware of! What are the social justice issues involved in this conflict? What are some possible solutions?

3. Use this diagram (Dyball & Newell Figure 6.10 (p. 95 in textbook; modified version Module 3, page 28 figures 6.10 a, b, and c) to explain Dyball and Newell’s concept of Convergence in your own words. In your essay, compare and contrast “a”, “b” and “c” as depicted in the diagram, and explain why the situation depicted in “b” is impossible. Which part of the diagram shows the greatest level of social justice? Explain. Explain what must happen to achieve “c”? Which is the best human-ecological solution? Why?

4. Explain, in your own words, why the Paradigm of Unlimited Growth is wrong. Include a discussion of limits in nature. Include a discussion of why unlimited economic growth is impossible. Refer to the “Footprint Analysis” that you completed. Relate the concept of social justice to the paradigm of unlimited economic growth. How could this paradigm be changed?





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