Which source are you using?

Which source are you using?

ENGL 101
Source Content Assignment

Instructions: Please type in answers to the questions in this assignment, then upload the assignment as a .doc, .docx, or .pdf to the correct dropbox in Blackboard (make sure it is saved as one of those file types, since Blackboard won’t read it otherwise). I will apply the rubric (available at the end of the document, and on Blackboard) to your answers for each question, but the goal here is to help you work towards thinking about the content of the upcoming paper. If you have any unsatisfactory scores, you may resubmit up to twice in the two weeks after the assignment due date (October 30).

This assignment is intended to start you on the process of reflection that will lead to your third, source-based paper. For that paper, you will need to use sources to make a case about how broadly we should apply human rights, using several of the sources in the Sources folder on Blackboard under Content. In order to do this, you will need to know what the sources have to say. For this assignment, please focus on one (1) of the sources, and answer the following questions based on that source.

A. Which source are you using? You don’t need to give a citation here (that’s another assignment) but you do need to specify which assignment it is.

B. In your own words, what is this source arguing? What is its main point or thesis?

C. What are the main components of the source’s argument? Are there sections or units within the argument that help build up to the main whole?

D. Do you agree with the source? Why or why not?

E. How might you use this source to make a case about how we should apply human rights? What speaks to you about this source and how it might apply to the source-based essay? This can be positive (I agree with the source) or negative (I disagree with this source and can use that to fuel my own argument), depending on your answer to D.


Category Satisfactory Unsatisfactory (see feedback comments for details for revision)
On Time Turned in by October 30 at 12pm Not turned in on time (must revise in the next 2 weeks if so)
It is easy to determine what you are saying and why It is difficult to discern what you had to say, or to read the text.
The statements you make about what the source says and how it says it represent what the source says The descriptions you give misrepresent the source or its arguments in some way.
You make a clear case for how you could use the source, and for why you agree or disagree with it. It is difficult to see how you plan to use the source, or whether you disagree or agree with it and why.


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Which source are you using


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