I need a thesis Statement and Work Cited for this topic !

I need a thesis Statement and Work Cited for this topic !

Novel: Disgrace, By: J.M Coetzee

Thesis Stement:

Topic: “The protagonist’s conflict, the hurdles to be overcome, and how he resolves it.”

  1. Choose one of the topics and approaches provided for you.
  2. Write a working thesis statement for the topic and approach you chose. Your thesis statement must be an analysis, not just a statement of fact about the novel.


Work Cited:

Upload in correct Works Cited format, using Microsoft Word, the three entries that you will use for your analysis on Disgrace. One will be whatever version of Disgrace you have, and the other two entries will be two outside sources that you find in the MDC databases. Do notGoogle your research, go to the Miami-Dade databases, and find two scholarly sources.



Solution Preview

Disgrace by J. M. Coetzee

Disgrace is a novel by J. M. Coetzee that was published in 1999. After its publication, the novel has won several awards including the Booker Prize. The works of the author have also been recognized through the Nobel Prize in Literature. The plot of the novel is based on a South African professor who loses everything in his life including his ability to protect his daughter, his reputation, his dreams, his peace of mind, and his job. He is divorced twice and cannot seem to find love as he tries to seduce a prostitute and some of the vulnerable students at the institution. He forces himself into an affair with a girl named Melanie Isaacs.

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