I want a reply post to the below essay in 170 words using apa format and journal articles

I want a reply post to the below essay in 170 words using apa format and journal articles

Part 1

As we all know that information is treated as key for success of every organization and loss in the information will lead to failure of the business. But now-a-days, information is being hacked by attackers and is being faced so many ethical issues in the coming future. The article explains about the issues that are ethical facing by the organization in detailed way. Hacking of the information is considered as most important moral project now-a-days. This is due to the fact as the safety for the information is being lacked.

Being records is shared thru online media; there may be continually possibility that the liberty of the privacy can be decreased with the generation inside the information being elevated. The issues that related to IT skills inside the ethical way were defined well by way of the writer within the second article. The moral issues which might be associated with ownership troubles, controlling the agency and as well as the troubles which related to accuracy of the initiatives (Ali, S. 2014). The third article illustrates approximately the know-how degree of the moral, social and political issues which have been linked with the information technology in detailed way. The four article represents about the imposing the research that connected with the ethical problems with an innovation.

Part 2

The information that has been collected from the articles is properly associated with substances of the management of data systems. The articles statistics is truly related to the ethical troubles which have been confronted by the technology of records. The articles do now not cover all of the objectives that associated with information that has been stated inside the chapter. The article simplest mentions approximately the troubles that has been raised inside the statistics generation in ethical manner but does not surrender any solutions for resolving the issues with a view to upward thrust within the destiny.

Part 3

The article makes us learn how to know about the moral issues which have been growing within the statistics era and additionally explains about the damages which might be brought on for the business organization. The privacy of the information is being exploited with the extra usage of net now-a-days (McWay, D. C. 2015). The problems that rose in the business organization could have predominant effect within the security breach for statistics era. The necessary steps and methods need to be taken care by the organization in order to overcome and resolve the ethical issues that have been faced by the information technology.




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Data Security and Management
The articles majorly talk about the issue of data security and management in the organization. The moral issue surrounding statistical information in different organizations is hacking and cybercrimes. It is apparent that the technology has been progressing on a daily basis and so is the data insecurity. In different organizations, proper data management is the primary aspect of its prosperity, clients cannot trust a company that has no ability to protect their data.

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