I want a reply post to the below post in 150 words using Apa format

I want a reply post to the below post in 150 words using Apa format

1. Project managers act as integrator, coordinator, and leaders in ensuring that communication is successful. This enables them to identify and respond to communication barriers. The message, sender, receiver, channel and the feedback levels are sensitive to communication cycle. The members should ensure that communication breakdown does not occur. All project activities are coordinated and run through effective communication. The project members and team leaders should communicate efficiently and effectively to avoid the pitfall. Clarity of information, use of right channel, superb communication skills, and feedback reveals a lot about the encoding and decoding processes.

2. Herb was up to task to the handle the problem except for some the communication failures noticed in the case scenario. However, it is important to appreciate that some of the communication breakdowns were contributed by the failures of the teammates. It is clear that Herb was still new in the company and was barely aware of how the company runs their projects. When all members of the project management team can come together to address these issues, then all will be well. Improving the communication skills such as clarity in receiving and sending messages will be important for Herb.

3. There were communication issues with Alice, Bob, Betty and Frank. The issues led to the chain of communication breakdown evident in the case scenario. The failures stemmed from encoding and decoding stages. Alice was not efficient at encoding the message of promotion recommendation to Herb. This led to unsuccessful decoding by Herb. It was in order if she clarified the issue of writing the recommendation letter to Herb. Bob knew that the previous communications to manufacturing team were addressed through writing. He failed to inform Herb of the standard communication culture for the company thus leading to the observed communication breakdown. The encoding process was not successful, and this affected how Herb interpreted the message. Betty never got the instructions precisely from Herb. The communication required her to go and search for available procurement options and not to make the procurement. It seems there was a communication breakdown in decoding what Herb meant. Frank was charged with procurement responsibility. It was necessary to communicate with Betty to avoid such mistakes of procurement (Kerzner, 2013).




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I agree that in project management, the leaders need to effectively communicate, coordinate and integrate information to make the project successful. Project members ought to effectively communicate to avoid any breakdowns and pitfalls. If the data is made clear through the right channel and skilled feedback will ensure that the process of encoding and decoding is successful (Binder, 2016).

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