Identifying and Responding to Claims

Identifying and Responding to Claims

Using Tony Porter’s talk: “A Call to Men.” as an example, we would say that the topic is masculinity, and the issue is that individual men develop certain identity traits in response to broader cultural expectations. He has created an issue (“the man box”) from a topic (masculinity.)

As you watch Tony Porter’s talk, pay attention to the claims he makes, what types of claims they are, and how he supports them.


1) Write down three claims you heard Porter make. These can be any kinds of claims or a combination of several.

2) Then write a brief reflection of his ideas (1-2 paragraphs).

Here is the link to the talk…

Please follow the requirements. I attached a file of the definition of the claims. It would be helpful to answer the question


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One of the clearest claims of a fact is made in the first minutes of the video, in which Tony Porter asserts that men are superior while women are inferior. Essentially, a claim of a fact is often debatable and subject to verification in light of existing evidence supporting…

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