It is suggested that you take a few minutes to plan and outline each answer. My expectation is that EACH question is approximately TWO-THREE pages in length. Illustrate your responses with substantive examples where appropriate. Make certain to number each of your answers as the questions are numbered below.

1) Define the term ideology. Next, explain TWO economic issues that explain the ideological differences between a liberal and conservative. Then, explain TWO social issues that explain the ideological differences between a populist and a libertarian. Lastly, how would you classify yourself ideologically. Explain ONE economic and ONE social issue to support your ideological classification.

2) Define the term interest groups. What are FOUR activities that interest groups use to advocate for their positions with elected officials? Lastly, which of these FOUR positions are you most likely to participate in, please EXPLAIN?

3) Define the term political socialization. Next, list SEVEN in shaping one’s political socialization. Then, explain what is the Gender Gap, the Age Gap, and the Region Gap using ONE social and ONE economic issue to explain such gaps.

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Ideology refers to a system of ideals and ideas, particularly those that form the basis of political or economic theory and policy. In this regard, ideology entails the different ideas that are meant to give meaning and structure to the human…
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