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Mobile phone technology

A.The topic you wish to pursue (200 to 250-word paper) (1) Think of a device or technology that you would like to explore, and situate it in a particular context: (e.g.) The use of smart phones in political protests (e.g.) Taking travel selfies (e.g.) Dating apps You may choose from the topics we will cover in the course, or you may come up with your own topic. Either way, I recommend you to choose a topic that interests you. If it helps, you may do a bit of brainstorming before writing down your ideas. For instance, check a science & technology magazine (e.g.: WIRED) and see what story you find most appealing. This could be a hint for your assignment topic. Or: if you are interested in how we use technologies in our everyday life in the city, check Spacing Magazine. Or: you may have heard an interesting idea in your favorite podcast: feel free to explore it further in your assignment. (2) Provide a rationale for your choice of a particular technology and a social/ economic context. (Explain why you have chosen the technology and the context). 

B. Annotate at least 5 (five) NEW academic sources – books, journal articles – that are not included in your course bibliography (that we have not studied, either as in-class or required readings). Aim at 150-200 words for each annotation. Each annotation should include: a brief summary of the source and a sentence or two on why the source is useful for your research. Very important: do not use the author’s exact words, as this would represent an academic integrity issue (plagiarism). Use a paraphrase, instead.

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