Ironic Psychology Exercise

Ironic Psychology Exercise


  • Part One
    • Discuss why you think plagiarism is so problematic in higher education today. Have you seen examples of it? What do you think you can personally do to help develop your own academic voice? Does it stir up any emotions when you think others are “getting away with it”?
  • Part Two
    • Write a two-paragraph summary about what you have learned about I/O Psychology this week and how it could be applied in your own circumstances. Include at least one quote (cited correctly (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.), but for the rest, paraphrase (rewrite in your own words) your paragraph (also applying citations appropriately throughout (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.).
      • Highlight your quote in blue. Highlight your citations for your self-worded explanations/commentary in yellow.
      • Be sure to also include correctly formatted citations prior to running the document. (For examples of how to write citations, see the Ashford Wiring Center.)
      • Run this summary through your course similarity tool (Turn It In). Make corrections as indicated prior to submitting.
    • Part Three
      • Discuss your results (two to three paragraphs) and the process of intentionally developing your academic writing skills.
        • Why do you think it is important to cite resources when you are putting into your own words?
        • Do you have any bad habits you need to break?
        • How much more difficult would it be to avoid this situation when using websites to assist you in research?

What strategies could you use here to help you have more success and prevent accidental mistakes?

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Plagiarism refers to the act of using the ideas and works of other persons without according them the appropriate credit. The vice is very prevalent in institutions of higher learning due to various reasons…

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