is it ever permissable to torture a person

is it ever permissable to torture a person

Begin by choosing a topic from the PHI103 Final Paper Options list.

Construct an argument for a position on the topic. This is the position that you will defend in your Final Paper. Make your argument as high quality as possible: In particular, make sure that all of your premises are true and that the truth of the conclusion is demonstrated by your premises.
Consider possible objections to your argument, and revise it several times until you have an argument that is as strong as possible.
Search in the Ashford University Library for quality academic sources that support some aspect of your argument.
Constructing quality arguments is harder than it sounds; you may find that your first few attempts have problems and that it takes quite a bit of time and effort to revise an argument to a point that the premises adequately support the conclusion. You will be revising this argument for each of the remaining assignments in this course.
Write: In your paper,

Present a main argument in standard form with each premise and the conclusion on a separate line. Here is an example of what it means for an argument to be presented in standard form:
All men are mortal.
Socrates is a man.
Therefore, Socrates is mortal.
Provide support for each premise of your argument. Explain the meaning of the premise, and provide supporting evidence for the premise. [One paragraph for each premise]
Pay special attention to those premises that could be seen as controversial. Evidence may include academic research sources, supporting arguments, or other ways of demonstrating the truth of the premise (for more ideas about how to support the truth of premises take a look at the instructor guidance for this week). This section should include at least one scholarly research source. For further information about discovering and including high-quality research take a look at the FindIt@AU Tutorial.
Explain how your conclusion follows from your premises.
For an example of how to complete this paper, take a look at the Week One Annotated Example The Ethics of Elephants in Circuses. Let your instructor know if you have any remaining questions about how to complete this paper.




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Torture is the formally authorized punishment of severe enduring, focused on compelling somebody to do or say something without wanting to. Under the universal law, it is unlawful to utilize torture in any circumstance at all. In spite of the fact that torture without a doubt proceeds all through the world, the ethical contention disallowing it was won amid the enlightenment and the discussion was shut by twentieth-century universal lawful prohibition. In this paper, I will display my counter contention on why torturing somebody is wrong.
Premise 1: Torture can psychologically and physically scar somebody
Premise 2: Misinformation can be articulated to discontinue the torture
Premise 3: Torture can lead to demise for the tortured
Conclusion: Torture is as a result not admissible

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