Is Olympics Worth the High Cost and Time Investment

Assignment Purpose: The second essay in EN 104 is an academic argument with research documented in APA format. In this assignment, you will use the principles of argument advocate for a position on an issue. You will use evidence to persuade your reader to see your point of view.
Assignment Description: Using the APA template in Word, create a template for your academic argument essay. Include the following:

  • Title page with running head
  • An introductory paragraph that ends with the thesis statement
  • A heading and some notes for background information
  • Headings and some notes for your main point sections
  • A heading and some notes for opposing views
  • A heading for the conclusion
  • A reference page (you don’t need to have your sources, yet, but if you have some, put them on)

Assignment Parameters:See a sample

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The first Olympics games were held in Athens, in 1896. Every edition of the Olympic Games has been costly as the figures are overrun by the construction of megaprojects. The international games have a reputation for accelerating construction…
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