needn’t write too academic and follow the below requirement

  • For 5 days (between Nov 6 – Nov 13), write about 3 things you are grateful for that day
  • To be most effective the exercise should be done on consecutive days, eg, Mon – Fri
  • 10 sentences, full sentences for each item of gratitude, Double space, Times New Roman 12 font, number items and separate by days
  • rubric
    Above Average 5 Met 3 -4 Barely Met 1-2 Did not meet 0
    Content On target, answers prompt accurately with at least one example per prompt for all 5 days Answers part of prompt somewhat on target with some examples for at least 4 days Answer is off topic but attempts to answer prompt but for less than 3 days No answer
    Clarity The answer is clear, thorough, detailed and understandable. The answer is clear but could be clearer with additional support. The answer missing information, parts unclear, No answer
    Followed Directions Complete sentences. At least 10 sentences per item, Double Spaced, New Romans Times 12 font. Response written in complete sentences and easy to read Answer is somewhat complete, grammatically. Some nine – seven sentence answers. Double spaced, New Romans 12 font. Answer has many incomplete sentences, some six or less sentences per answer, not double spaced, font very small Incomplete or No ans



Solution Preview

November 6

I was grateful to have the gift of life. Notably, so many people do not get the chance to make it far as I did. For example, diseases and poverty claim lives on a daily basis thus I considered myself lucky. I got to live to see another day, and I showed my gratitude by hanging out with friends. Besides, I was grateful for my situation. While millions of people globally are struggling to find basic needs such as food, I was in a better situation. Being healthy and free from struggles made me appreciate my situation. Significantly, I was grateful to have friends. By thinking of the crazy jokes and the fascinating experiences we’ve had together,

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