Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson

Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson

For the paper the student will select a book approved for this purpose that concerns the period up to the liberation of New World slaves (circa. 1880). The essay will critically assess and cross reference the major themes covered in this class, including (but not limited to) migration, adaptation, acculturation, indigenous African cultures, universal religions (Islam, Christianity), trade, state formation and transformation, social stratification, African arts and industries, European expansion, African transmigration, etc.. 
2) Summarize the selected book on the first page. The essay should analyze the book based on as many of the themes covered in the course as possible. The grade will be based on the student’s ability to treat the topic with clarity, express comprehension of course objectives, synthesize information, summarize main points and reasonably conclude the essay. Critical thinking—an ability to compare and contrast points of view—is an essential element of this exercise. Students are encouraged to use as many themes from the course readings as relevant for the topic and to seek out a few articles or other works that further elaborate on the main topics covered in the book. 

3) Lengthy quotations are discouraged. Limit : two lines per page.

4) Footnotes or endnotes and a list of selected references (including course readings) are required and must conform to standard notations. See Kate Turabian’s Manual of Style for suggested formats.

6) Students must paraphrase, summarize, and express themselves in their own words. Plagiarism is against the law and any violation will be severely penalized. See the website: http://www.howard.edu/policy/academic/student-conduct.htm

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The book Just Mercy by Stevenson is a book written on the themes of the injustices, calls for transformation and the social classes and their indifferences in the society. It entails the redemption from the injustices in the society and the community…
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