Justifying Unethical Conduct – Discussion

Justifying Unethical Conduct – Discussion

Unethical conduct is not necessarily illegal conduct; however, the difference between ethical and unethical conduct can be difficult to spot. Using the Internet, identify an example within the last two years of when a company engaged in LEGAL, but arguably unethical, conduct. Next, determine two (2) reasons why this conduct could be deemed unethical and why you believe the company failed to make the right decision. Lastly, speculate on the ramifications of the company’s arguably unethical conduct on its customer base. Justify your response.
What are the purposes of laws as identified in the chapter reading and which do you most agree with? If running a business, where should a business executive look to find and understand the law that governs his or her business?
What is an Executive Order by the President of the United States and how do and can these Orders affect the decisions management have to make today in business?



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Justifying Unethical Conduct

In recent years, Apple has been involved in a practice which is viewed by many as unethical. According to the report, the company dedicates a maximum of 60 hours of work per week to all its employees (Parboteeah and Cullen).

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