Leader-Follower Relationships

The next contribution to the research paper focuses on the leader’s relationships with his or her team. In a 500-word essay, examine the relationships your selected leader has with his or her followers. Describe their goals and values, and discuss their group dynamics. Be sure to include specific examples for how your selected leader and his or her followers communicate and interact with each other. Do the followers influence the leader, and if so, how? Lastly, analyze the leader’ (martin luther king jr



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Leader-Follower Relationship

For every influential leader, he or she must exhibit a close relationship with their followers. A close relationship means that leader may easily influence the actions of the followers towards accomplishing certain goals that are similar between the leader and the people. As a civil rights activist, Martin Luther King Jr. is considered to be one of the most influential people in the history of America. Luther changed the face of racial relations and civil rights in America through maintaining a close relationship with his followers specifically individuals who believed that America was for all people and thereby everyone had the right to belong. First, he applied tactics that were aimed at protecting his followers.

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