Listen to the lecture and then summarize

Listen to the lecture and then summarize

Social Science

for this assignment follow the directions

Listen to the lecture and then summarize key concepts from the week 4 lecture in a minimum of 200 words and a maximum of 300 words, typing up the summary and submitting in a Word document. Summaries need to reflect critical thinking and analysis of the key concepts from the lecture, showing understanding of the content. Summaries must be paraphrases of the concepts rather than direct quotes.




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Ancient religion in the Middle East and West nations was characterized by their interactions and kingdoms. Religion is a part of culture. Some of the ancient religions included Greeks and Romans. Each ancient religion had its own secret scripture. Each scripture contains a narrative of each religion. Ancient religion believed that the origin of the world was from the ‘Mount of Creation’ in Mesopotamia. The two main ancient religions were Jewish and Mesopotamian religion. The similarities between these two religions are evidence of the unity of Christianity. Both religions believe that human beings are supposed to serve and worship God.

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