macro level empowerment

macro level empowerment

.   Explain  what  “ macro level empowerment ”   means and how it relates to cultural    competent practice ( see  Lum   read ing ).



2 .   “Making the invisible visible” is a common phrase when discussing micro    aggressions.  Explain the context and purpose of the phrase.



3 .   What are the most common channels through which Latinos/as seek help for    mental health  problems?  What circumstances make a Latino/a most like to seek    professional tre atment?



4 .   Our reading on the African – American  family discusses the “strength based   approach.”  What is the philo sophy   behind this approach?   Is it compatible with      culturally competent practice? Why?  Identify  three (3) strengths of the African –     American   family, according to the study, and how you might incorporate the      knowledge of those strength in your service.



5.   Discuss two (2)  human  traits/tendencies that Diller suggests support racism and    prejudice.

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Macro-level empowerment refers to political/social activities in which groups or individuals participate. In this regard, it is a collective social process of creating a community to attain better control over the environment …

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