Describe the audit process you have just competed for LSS.

Describe the audit process you have just competed for LSS.

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As you prepare for the final presentation to the LSS management of your information systems audit, you want to ensure that they will accept the audit results and properly address the findings.

A sound project management practice for any project (and an audit can be considered a project) is to conduct a postmortem of the audit.

Take this opportunity to do the following:

Describe the audit process you have just competed for LSS.
Outline the relationship between an information governance program and the culture of compliance in an organization.
Discuss what went well and what did not.
Talk about what changes you would implement in the future to ensure the success of an audit.
Response needed:

The audit I completed for LSS consisted of these steps prepare for the audit, conduct the audit, audit report and recommendations, corrective actions, and publish the results (Karen, n.d.). Information governance is where the risk of having the information must be weighed against the value of having it. For the hospital, they must have this information to be able to take care of customers more efficiently. Culture of compliance is about the individuals who work in the company being complaint with the rules and regulations. These two go hand in hand because if the company has valuable information the individuals must follow the rules and regulations to be able to help the company to keep it secure. This audit went well because I worked through the steps and followed what was supposed to happen during the audit. This made the audit an easy process. Next time I do an audit, I hope it will be with a real company so I can get some hands on experience and be able to help a real company. In the future, I would make sure to talk to the people involved with the company and also make sure to talk to the investors in the company. Making sure everyone is involved will ensure everything is accounted for during the audit.


Karen. (n.d.). Retrieved from on May 1, 2020.

Response needed:

Last week we had to simulate and audit and create an audit report. Even Though every audit is different based off the company, the audit process was really basic. Normally there are four phases however we only did three as we did not simulate a follow-up. The three stages I carried out was the planning stage, the actual audit itself, and the audit report. First, we learned the company, after doing this deliberated on areas for which we would focus, planned everything out. After that we knew what we were going to do and came up with an approach we began the conducting the actually audit. We made sure we hit each target area, after we created the audit report to document everything, report our findings, and make suggestion.

Information governance is kind of an all-inclusive approach to managing corporate data by employing processes, roles, controls and metrics that handles data like a valuable asset. In today’s society regulations concerning to both internal communications and information governance entail one pays close attention inside the business. With the progression of traditional communications methods, the SEC and FINRA created regulatory communications and asset management procedures to include all methods including email, IM, video chats, social media, cellular phone, as well as alliance platforms. (Whitney, 2013) The mechanisms within an information governance program value will decrease if a grander strategy for corporate compliance is not in play. So upper management assesses the organization’s core structure to establish the way to approach integrating compliance into its core values and objectives. This is especially true within highly regulated industries, that are re-establishing their core values to emulate regulatory guidelines that convey a perception of necessity to all employees to uphold is vital in establishing a culture of compliance. These principles should incorporate a specified set of policies and procedures, a criterion for how things are reported, and interaction tools that supports governance and compliance requirements.

Overall, I feel as the audit went pretty well. In the future the thing I would change would be to pay more detailed attention to the what systems areas would be targeted. Since this was for a class, we were not required to conduct an audit on a full scale, so I could have paid more attention to areas of importance.

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Describe the audit process you have just competed for LSS.

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