Management Question

Management Question

Throughout this course, students will be developing a final research proposal that could be utilized either in an academic or corporate environment. The proposal will include the following three sections: Introduction/Overview; Literature Review; and Methodology. In addition to these sections students will need to submit additional documentation to support the proposal; these documents could include: survey instruments, an invitation to participate in the study, and confidentiality documentation.

Survey Information:

Include a survey as an appendix in your work. This will not be counted towards the length of the paper. You will also develop a letter that is an invitation to participate – this will also be in the appendix and will not count towards the final length. It’s important that once you develop the survey, you don’t actually administer it. However, in your paper, you may discuss how you might implement the survey and what this would do to further the knowledge in your field. This would best be included in the Methodology section.

References Information:

In Week 3, you developed an annotated bibliography. For purposes of this paper, take out the annotations and only include the list of references. It is no longer called a Bibliography. It is to be called References. You may add to these references if you use any extra ones in your work.

The final project should be less than 30 pages in length.

It’s important that you work on this throughout the class. Do not wait until the last week or two to complete it.

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